Using HybriWells Instead of CoverWells

We have recently found that the use of HybriWells instead of CoverWells gives superior transfected cell microarrays, particularly for arrays containing hundreds or thousands of spots. In addition, we find that the HybriWells are easier to use than the CoverWells.

To use HybriWells, peel off the adhesive from the HybriWell and attach the HybriWell over the area of the slide containing the array, making sure an air-tight seal is formed. Pipet the transfection mix into one of the ports of the HybriWell--the mix will evenly distribute over the array. Depending on the size of HybriWell used, volumes may be adjusted. We use 200 µl of transfection mix for the HB2240 HybriWell (shown below). See Tips and Information for additional information.

After completing the incubation period with the transfection reagent, suction off the mix by inserting into one of the ports the tip of a pasteur pipet attached to a vacuum source. Suction off most of the transfection reagent but do not worry about removing the last drop that will remain under the center of the HybriWell. Pull off the HybriWell using a thin tipped forceps. The adhesive attaching it to the slide is strong and a firm and uniform pull is needed to detach the HybriWell. Place the freed slide in a culture dish and pour the cells into the dish.

CoverWells and Hybriwells are products of Grace Bio-Labs.