Obtaining mTOR inhibitors Torin1 and Torin2

Academic researchers:

Torin1 and Torin2 are highly selective and potent small molecule inhibitors of mTOR, which were jointly developed by the labs of Drs. Nathanael S. Gray (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and David M. Sabatini (Whitehead Institute/MIT/HHMI). Descriptions of the biological effects and structures of these molecules have been published (click here).

Torin1 and Torin2 are available commercially from Tocris:

Torin1 Cat. No. 4247
Torin2 Cat. No. 4248

Commercial entities: Contact Whitehead's Intellectual Property Office at 617-258-5853.


Sabatini Lab Reagents Available from Addgene

We are distributing the most commonly-requested nucleic acid-based reagents through the non-profit ADDGENE organization.
These reagents can be ordered at the following link: Sabatini Lab Reagents Distributed by ADDGENE


Mouse strains developed in our lab can be ordered by visiting the Jackson Laboratories.

Reagents not available at Addgene

For reagents not distributed by ADDGENE, we are happy to fulfill reasonable requests for published reagents to qualified researchers. Commercial entities should contact the Intellectual Property office (617-258-5853) for information on how to obtain reagents from the Whitehead Institute. To obtain published reagents from the lab not available through Addgene, academic researchers must send us a completed Implementation Letter for the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA). Below are the reagents available as well as the reagent names you should use in your request and the instructions for filling out the UBMTA implementation letter. For reagents not listed please first contact the lab by email to see if it is available.

Follow the steps below to obtain these reagents from the lab

Download the UBMTA Implementation Letter: Click here to download an MS Word file containing the letter. When you open the file you will see sections indicated that you need to fill out.

Using a word processor fill out the UBMTA Implementation Letter, print it, sign it and have it signed by an appropriate official of your institution. To complete the letter you will need: a list of the materials/reagents you are requesting (please limit yourself to no more than 4 reagents and use the names indicated below) and a brief description describing the experiments you wish to undertake with the reagents. When you return the completed letter you will also need to send us a shipping address and telephone number, and, importantly, a FedEx account number we can use to cover the shipping charges.

After completing the UBMTA Implementation Letter mail or fax it to the attention of Sabatini Lab Administrative Lab Manager, Whitehead Institute, Nine Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142-1479. Fax #: 617-452-3566. Reagents are usually sent out in a week or two after a request is received.

When you return the completed and signed UBMTA Implementation Letter please remember to send us a shipping address and telephone number, and a FedEx account number we can use to cover the shipping charges. Good luck with your experiments.